Choosing a nice, elegant and high quality pajama helps your well-being and good character!

The well-known brand Liu Jo , famous in clothing, is also increasingly growing in underwear and in the distribution of pajamas

The collections proposed by Liu jo, in particular the pajamas, satisfy all tastes for their made in Italy design and manufacturing and innovative fabrics which however never lead to extreme fashion.

On Di Maiolo Linen you will find a vast selection of pajamas and nightgowns from the leading Italian brand in underwear clothing.

Unique items that will make you feel good in moments of relaxation: by choosing the made in Italy brand, in fact, you have the certainty of being wrapped in the softness of excellent quality fabrics.
In this article you will discover all the models of sleeping clothing by Liu jo, whether you want a casual or more elegant night outfit.
Liu jo offers various lines that dress fashionable women and girls even at night.
The Liu jo collections offer models in various solid colors and patterns, enriched with details that give a touch of style even when you get under the covers.
A wide range of fabrics and simple models or with applied lace

If your desire is to arrive at home in the evening, after a day of work or errands, and make yourself comfortable without sacrificing elegance, you can only choose Liu jo Notte pajamas.

Sitting comfortably on the sofa watching a good movie or lying in bed in maximum comfort: these are certainly excellent ways to end the day.

But to have maximum comfort you also need to choose the right outfit for relaxation. Liu jo puts its quality signature on pajamas that are perfect for all seasons, just choose the right fabric.

In winter, it is very important, especially in the evening, to protect yourself from the cold and Liu jo offers pajamas for men And woman which keep you warm all night ensuring excellent sleep.

In summer, however, you need to choose models and fabrics that offer great breathability and freshness. Here are the most requested fabrics depending on the season:

  • Punto Milano : pajamas in this fabric are suitable for the arrival of the first cold weather as they ensure the right warmth;
  • Warm cotton : perfect material for the winter period. In addition to warmth it also ensures a comfortable fit;
  • Fleece : nightwear made from this fabric is recommended for those who suffer a lot from the cold;
  • Viscose : Sleeping in silk pajamas is unparalleled. Refined and elegant, but at the same time comfortable and enveloping, it is perfect for spring;
  • 100% cotton : the right choice for summer pajamas. Cotton is breathable and cool, ideal for those who suffer a lot from the heat.

The Liu jo collections offer models in various solid colors and patterns, enriched with details that give a touch of style even when you get under the covers.

Here are some models of women's pajamas and nightgowns from the brand that will make you feel good both at home and under the covers:

  1. Wide shoulder cotton pajamas : made of pure cotton with highlighted details
  2. Pajamas with open shirt or three buttons : essential but romantic garment with small trimming elements;
  3. Cotton nightdress : feminine and enveloping, with a simple and essential line that gives a touch of elegance. This Liabel nightdress features a practical opening on the breast with buttons;
  4. Open clinical nightdress : delicate and romantic and a garment suitable for all seasons. It is the chosen one by women who have to face childbirth.

All pajamas or shirts can be combined with beautiful Liu jo dressing gowns . This garment is very useful for covering yourself from the cold and opening the door when you are not completely tidy.

On Di Maiolo Linen you can find the Liu jo pajamas perfect for yourself or for a special gift.

In our online catalog there are many proposals available for all seasons and all tastes. By choosing Liu jo you will be sure that your underwear will last over time and ensure maximum comfort.

Visit our online shop and choose the Liu jo nightwear for men or women that you like best.