If you are planning a lunch or dinner important here are some ideas and advice on how to set and decorate the table for a special occasion.

Dining at a restaurant always has its charm, but sometimes there is nothing better than welcoming friends and family into your home. Is between holidays, birthdays and dinners more or less formal, there is no shortage of opportunities to do so.

Customers often ask us for directions how to set an elegant table for a special occasion. There is no real rule in this regard, but we rely on taste and the occasion planned. The table acquires personality and elegance thanks to the touch of those who prepare it.

You can set the table in an elegant and classic way without necessarily using everything in white.

Choose light or even colors printed linen tablecloths it doesn't mean not having an elegant and important table. In fact, in addition to color and patterns what also makes the difference is the fabric and the quality of the fabric used.

Colors are always welcome and take away that form of excess elegance. With a little imagination and good taste you can create refined tables full of personality that differ from the usual classic tables that our grandparents made in the 50s or 60s. And then the color and prints put you in a good mood!

The plate and cutlery, now thought of as white, leave room for colorful and lively porcelain services.

It is recommended to use a colored plate when the tablecloth is pale, the same goes if the plates used are white, it is better to use a colored tablecloth to give a little creativity and personality.

For the ceremonial table, cutlery and silver service cannot be missing, and in this case a white or plain colored tablecloth is recommended, perhaps in an elegant fabric such as a jacquard cotton tablecloth .

How to put cutlery at the table

An indication on how to position the cutlery at the table considering that the center will be the plate.

  • To the right of the plate we will place the large spoons, the large knives and the fish knives;
  • To the left of the plate we will find the large and fish forks;
  • In front of the plate we will place the knife, the fork and the dessert spoon: the knife will have the tip facing left, the fork will have the tip facing right and the spoon will have the handle on the right.

There must never be more than three cutlery per side and never less than two. If the diner needs them you can add them during service.