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The Liu Jo quilt is an elegant and refined design object, capable of giving a touch of style and personality to your bedroom. Made with high quality fabrics and workmanship with attention to the smallest details, the Liu Jo quilt guarantees maximum comfort and maximum relaxation during sleep. The Liu Jo quilt is available in different color and design variations, so as to perfectly match the style of your bedroom. Thanks to its quilted workmanship, the Liu Jo quilt is able to give a three-dimensional and soft effect to the fabric, for a unique sleeping experience. Made with fine fabrics, the Liu Jo quilt guarantees a feeling of softness on the skin and perfect regulation of body temperature during the night, for a regenerating and repairing rest. Furthermore, thanks to its resistance and quality, the Liu Jo quilt guarantees long life and easy maintenance. It is possible to coordinate the Liu Jo quilted bedspread with matching sheets with jacquard weaves or plain cotton.