Choose the gift for first communion It's a real puzzle for guests and relatives. especially if you don't know the tastes of the birthday boy or girl very well.

Choose the gift Right for the first communion it is very important, because for children between eight and ten years old it represents an unforgettable moment, not only from a religious point of view.

Which gift to choose for your first communion?

The classic envelope with money, for example, may not be appreciated, because at this age children still prefer unwrapped gift packages. It must also be said that today's children are not always easy to please.

Between childhood and adolescence they begin to be fascinated by technology, becoming increasingly closer to sport, fashion and creative hobbies.

One of the biggest doubts for those who have to do the first communion gift is: how much is it right to spend? The amount for this type of gift usually varies first of all based on the degree of kinship or friendship with the birthday boy.

If it is the son or daughter of a friend, an amount around 50 euros will be enough, but if it is a close relative, for example a nephew, it is better to spend a little more and never under 100 euros.

Read on for inspiration and ideas on the perfect first communion gift .

Today the watchword nei gifts for first communion it's originality. Whether it's a boy or a girl, i communion gifts they should be the right opportunity to stimulate interests and passions and surprise them with something unexpected.

First communion gifts: the great classics

It still makes sense today to give the classic as a gift clock or the jewel in gold to wear and keep and as a souvenir? Well yes, "important" gifts certainly never go out of fashion. However, the advice is to focus on sober proposals or models that are not too serious. An always valid idea, then, is to give the book of the Gospel to children who are preparing to receive their first communion: an intelligent way to accompany them in discovering the Christian religion, through fundamental reading. In this case, however, it is better to focus on an edition suitable for the age of the children, even better if illustrated.

For a little girl, however, you can focus on a little jewel to keep but also to wear immediately. The perfect idea? The silver bracelet by Pandora : equipped with a snake chain, it is designed to be easily enriched with different charms, so as to accompany the little girl in her special moments. Furthermore, the concealed silver clasp guarantees a secure hold on the wrist, preventing even a single unforgettable moment from being lost.

Alternative first communion gifts

Instead of the classic gift, such as watches, necklaces or bracelets, you could use the opportunity to give something unique but at the same time useful and necessary, and above all something that is liked.

An original communion gift for the Child can be:

  • A trip or entrance ticket to a museum, zoo or amusement park;
  • A bicycle, skates and hoverboard to play outdoors;
  • Musical instruments
  • Articles of clothing or linen for the bedroom, such as a set of sheets or a colorful quilt.

In any case, the gift for the first communion must always be:

  • Designed for children;
  • Differentiated by gender, i.e. different for boys or girls;
  • Consistent with the degree of closeness and kinship.

And then we must not forget to always consult the child's parents first, to avoid not purchasing duplicates, but also to make sure that the gift really meets the tastes of the birthday boy.

Gift ideas for a little girl's first communion

The gift ideas for a girl's first communion they must be personal objects that can arouse joy and happiness in those who receive them.

Therefore, rather than those classic and demanding gifts that are appreciated only many years later, it is better to choose fresh and original gifts, in step with current fashions.

If the little girl is particularly fond of cartoon characters, such as the beloved ones Elsa and Anna from Frozen , you can purchase various useful and original themed objects.

Here are 5 ideas for making a original gift for a little girl's first communion :

  • Earrings (Jewel)
  • Concert ticket from your favorite singer;
  • Make-up kit;
  • Accompanying item to keep for the happy event

If you have to give a gift for the first communion as a godmother or godfather, or you are trying to understand what to give to a nephew for his first communion , then the figures could even double, but it is not certain.

If you choose the right gift you can make a good impression even without spending too much money.

If you have received an invitation to a First Communion and you don't really know what to give the birthday boy, don't worry.

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Now that you have all the ideas available, all you have to do is choose the perfect one for the first communion gift of your or your birthday girl.