Christmas has always been synonymous with gifts , all over the world gifts are given to family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and partners. Many times it is not always easy to identify the Right Gift. It's true that you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, but we would all like to receive a welcome or at least useful gift.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS - What to give at Christmas - Original Gift List

Precisely for this reason Dimaiolobiancheria offers a series of useful gifts to give to loved ones. Precisely so as not to receive the usual discounted gifts, but to look for an original, beautiful Christmas gift, which expresses the search for a dedicated and selected gift specifically for the person.

It's increasingly complicated to choose the right gift. What are the original gifts that can surprise him and, why not, allow us not to spend a fortune?

Gifts for Men or Women:

You can think of a soft and warm plaid to warm up evenings spent watching films on the sofa and cuddling up a bit. you can choose a nice one matching pajamas, coordinated for him and her. You can even opt for a micro terry bathrobe for sports people, practical, comfortable and above all a useful gift.

For the gift for a woman, mother , wife or boyfriend, it's probably easier. obviously there is more choice for women than for men. Because the woman takes care of the house and therefore often also prefers household items, such as sheets from a famous brand, for example Liu Jo, Blumarine, Bianco Perla, Caleffi . or even a much desired duvet.

Whatever your choice, it is right to choose a useful, particular and never banal gift.